Finally in Honolulu!

If I already had mixed feelings about Los Angeles, our last morning there did nothing to better them: The traffic to the airport was so massive that we missed our flight to Honolulu and had to take a later one. Also I would not recommend American Airlines...

Everything got SO much better the moment we finally touched down in Honolulu! It's a magical place!
My friend Willow picked us up and drove us to our beach front hotel.
There we changed into beach mode and walked along the shore to Waikiki.
We not only admired the wonderful view but did some serious shopping as well - we needed surf wear for the next day! Both of us had never surfed in our lives, but we wanted at least to look good :-)

And we already saw our first hula dancers!
 We MUST be in the right place!

Later that night Willow drove us up a hill so we could have a great view over Honolulu by night. You would need a better camera than mine to take a really good picture of it...