Honolulu - at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Being the good tourists that we are we could not have our week in Honolulu without a visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center.
So we booked a tour and went there on a bus in which they made us shout "Aloooooohaaaa" dozens of times. OK. We get it: Aloha is the word...

The PCC itself is quite big and represents all the Polynesian islands and cultures with buildings, exhibitions and shows of various kinds. We took a LOT of pictures and some videos. Come on a walk with me...

Working those poi and sticks! 

Easter Islands! Rapa Nui

Dance shows on the water

Oli and the Duke

Ready for the Luau
Purple bread? 

Some serious old school hula!
Step one: burry your dinner 
Step two: dig it out!