Honolulu - Life's a beach!

We spent most our days on the beach and in shops :-)

By the way, our hotel had a "beach view"...

To say that Oli became addicted to surfing immediately is an understatement - after a few days he told me he had found "the meaning of life" and it's surfing!

We took the first one hour lesson together and basically went on from there.
One day we also met up with dancer and silk artist Jesennia who is a surf addict as well. She gave me a silk veil as a present!

You gotta sell the Christmas decorations to the tourists while they are here - no matte when! 

Everything is a bit more tropical here

Hula is everywhere!

 If you have ever been to Honolulu, you know what I mean...

ABC stores are the heart and soul of a Honolulu vacation. They sell EVERYTHING a tourist would need! Food, souvenirs, beach supplies.... What would we do without them?

At our hotel 

Another important place to go shopping (and eating) is the Ala Moana shopping mall.

Willow presents to you... 

One evening we also went to a restaurant where Willow had a singing gig. She has such a lovely voice!