Los Angeles - road trip

Driving is all you do in Los Angeles - just a little sightseeing in different parts of the city ends up being a full road trip! And it's not even very pretty.
Let's face it, LA was a bit of a disappointment. You hear all those fabulous names like Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach... And when you finally see them, they are not that special. Parts of it are actually rather ugly.

Anyway, our first destination was Beverly Hills, via Sunset Boulevard.

There were a lot of posh villas and shops but nothing breathtaking. Maybe it's also because the sun was not shining as usual?

The weather got better once we arrived at Venice beach - but the place still appeared to be rather run down.
Muscle Beach 

We hit one of LA's many traffic jams on the way to Downtown but once we arrived we discovered some nice examples of architecture.

We had a quiet night in and packed our luggage because we were leaving for Honolulu the next morning!