Los Angeles - The tourist experience

We arrived in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon and drove to Danette’s place. She's one of the many dance friends I had made either during my trip in March or through the Bhuz.com discussion forum.
It was late afternoon and we went for a little walk in the neighborhood with her and her dog.

Together with her and Lucy, another dancer, went for dinner in a cool Mexican restaurant in Hollywood.

Funny how I wasn’t really tired although I hadn’t slept much.
In fact, I intentionally didn’t go to bed the night before our flight - when the plane took off I had been awake for 31 hours! And I didn’t get much sleep on the plane either.
But I don’t have a jet lag at all, so it worked.

On Friday my boyfriend and I did the good tourist thing and went to Universal studios. We had a really good time taking all the rides and watching the 3D or 4D shows - Terminator 2 was my favourite show although I would never watch the film.

Oli meeting a childhood crush

Then we went back home and I changed into dancer mode...