The Bollywood craze

I’ve been doing Bollywood dance for some years and teaching it for over 3 years. Everything was nice... But since German and Swiss TV station started to show Bollywood films regularly this year, people are going plain crazy!

I mean, when was the last time, one of my workshops was booked out 1,5 months in advance? Hmmm....never? And this while another workshop that Lavanya (my dance partner) is teaching in October is booked out as well!

The owner of our dance studio is rubbing her hands day and night, I think :-) And of course she suggested that we offer more workshops...
But that’s not all - I get enquiries for perfomances, privates, special classes etc. nearly every day!
One very popular demand are short lessons for birthdays / bachelorette parties.

Plus I’m travelling around to teach a workshop in Southern Germany about every month because they don’t have a decent Bollywood dance teacher there.

Lavanya and I have become a choreographing factory because we need new choreos every month (good luck we are two and can share this work). I think we must already have about 20 choroegraphies that we teach plus some more that we only use for performances.

Hey, I’m not bragging! Really! I am just utterly amazed about what’s happening right now.

Last Saturday I performed at MediaMarkt where they promoted new Bollywood DVDs with a German dubbed version... I even got to sign my autograph on a boy's cap :-)