Different planets...

Yes, this is what it feels like - as if I had spent my last weeks on different planets. Because I kind of had a different life every week.

Now let’s see...

Right after a short visit on planet Christmas :-) I beamed into a world that consisted of basically two things:
  • loads of work at the office
  • old Bollywood films
I didn’t really choose the work-part, but it was kind of my old-year resolution to finally watch as many of all those Hindi DVDs that I had ordered over the months.

So I watched a DVD every night (except New Year’s eve of course) and once even two in a row (when I did NOT have to work the next day, of course).
Most films were from the 60ies and 70ies - way cool! Big hair and turquoise eye shadow! Helen! Shashi Kapoor! Young Amitabh! Aruna!

On January 3rd I hopped on a spaceship that brought me straight to the most touristy place on Earth, Playa del Ingles on Gran Canaria. 

There I concentrated on
  • surfing
  • astronomy
We took 4 hours of surfing lessons on 5 days and watched surf films in the evening - and on our “free day” we went sandboarding.

When not on a board, I read “Big Bang” by Simon Singh, a very interesting book about the history of astronomy from the old Greeks until to day.

Well, and now I’m back and have to re-adjust to “normal life”. Of course I have some souvenirs: bruises and aching muscles from surfing and loads of old Bollywood songs on my iPod...