Spending my evenings with vampires, zombies and werewolfs - having a great time!

Part of my “I will have a relaxed 2006” program is READING!

I love to read and just didn’t have enough time for it in the last few years. The best I could do was listen to audio books in the car while driving to some workshop locations in Germany...

But now it’s good oldfashioned book-and-sofa time again! I ordered a series of 7 “Anita Blake Vampire Hunter” books. But I think, there are 2 more in the market, gotta have them too :-)

Anita is a zombie raiser and vampire slayer with a werewolf for a boyfriend. Yes folks, that’s the kind of stuff I enjoy reading! I always had a special thing for vampires. 
But Anne Rice’s later books have too much talking and not enough action for my taste, so I switched to Laurell K. Hamilton who makes sure that “the action never stops” as it says on the cover of her books.

But now it’s time for some Tango with my sweetheart - a man so peaceful, he couldn’t hurt a fly :-)