Beirut - Getting down to business!

So why exactly did I come to Beirut? :-)

Of course I love the place but hey, my first reason is to take dance classes. So I started today and went to my favourite teacher, Helena Cremona. She’s showing me another cool choreography. As always, doing 4 minutes of complex choreo in 2 hours...

I will also get more classes in the next 3 days with different people.

Actually I wanted to go to a posh beach club in Byblos. But it’s just too much of a hassle to go there if you don’t have a car, too expensive by taxi and I’m not in the mood for the bus trip.
Anyway, the busses here seem to be only for the very poor people. Everybody else drives a car. Which results in CRAZY traffic!

So I’ll just stick to Beirut’s own beach clubs.

Besides, I have to let the sunburn on my shoulders cool off first...

But now it’s time for the hairdresser. Beauty treatments are good and cheap here, so that’s one of my favourite passtimes :-) Already had a very nice manicure/pedicure and now I’ll get a haircut.