Beirut - Gooooooooal!!!!

There just is NO escape from the World Cup. You want to go to a nice cafe and it’s decorated with footballs....
Go to a street restaurant and there’s a giant screen to watch the matches...
So I ended up at Haagen Dasz for a nice desert. When suddenly a guy from the restaurant across the street (well, it’s a pedestrian area really) walks over and asks me if I want to join him and his friend to watch the match?

OK, I did sit at their table but I talked so much, they hardly had a chance to watch the game :-)
That’s what you get from travelling alone - once you have company, you TALK!

And the Italians won the match, of course.

By the way: Earlier in the day I had a phone conversation with a dance teacher who pissed me off by asking an outrageous amount of money for private lessons. 
I’d rather go to the beach instead... Or buy shoes :-)

Actually, I bought a t-shirt yesterday that says “Beirut in Style”. Because STYLE is very important in Beirut! Never even think about coming here in shabby clothes!