Beirut - Live's a beach!

There must be something about me that makes people here make to want buy drinks for me...
I am especially popular with club managers. As soon as I get in a club and start to dance there’s a guy offering me a drink. And it usually is somebody from the club.

But maybe it’s just because the Lebanese are the most friendly and hospitable people in the world? (Which they are, honestly!!!)
Or because they are group animals and can’t stand to see anybody alone?

Yesterday evening I went to an Indian restaurant which is simply called India. I had only just ordered my food when a waiter brought a Kir Royal to my table and pointed at some people at the bar who had sent it to me.
It turned out to be a really nice lady, her husband and the restaurant’s owner.

So I moved over to them and they kept me company while I ate one of the best butter chickens of all time. If you ever go to Beirut, go eat at the India!!!

They showed some concern about me not having a tan :-)

So today I went to the Coral Beach Club (Sheraton). A beach club here doesn’t really have much to do with sand. Or corals...
It has two big pools and a view to the sea. But really, the sea water is not so clean, I prefer to swim in the pool. Although there were perfect waves at the public beach that made me ache for a surfboard...

Anyway, as may things here in Beirut, a beach club is mostly for seeing and being seen. Most people never put a foot into the pools. The women lie there presenting their stylish bikinis and the men play backgammon. And watch the girls walking buy on high heel sandals.

I told you before that Lebanese men are cute? Well, they are also hairy. Really hairy..... Haven’t ever seen so many hairy backs in one place! 

Anyway, it was nice to have a lazy day by the pool - I even was so un-cool to actually swim for half an hour. But hey, it’s a good reason to have to change bikinis and show off all the models I bought last year in Waikiki :-)