Beirut - Nightclubbing

I only bought 4 pairs of shoes yesterday. Good girl! Although the choice is amazing. There was one shop called the Eldorado with about 300 models of shoes. And all on sale!!!

If you want to go nightclubbing, don’t even think about going before midnight.
The good thing is that most clubs are on Monot Street, and they ask no entry fee. So I hopped from one place to the other until I found the one I liked best...

In the first one there weren’t many people.

In the second, a boy of 19 years tried to hit on me. When I got rid of him, another one tried his luck. He was 20! Hey, I’m not into child molesting!

In the third club that somebody had recommended to me there were so many people that dancing was impossible.

In the fourth, the music was ear-shattering loud.

In the fifth, I stayed. OK, they too played a lot of house music (which I am not particularly fond of, but it seems to be everywhere here) but also Arabic pop songs.
And I met a cute guy who says he’s a music manager and will make me a star or something *LOL* But he’s already 30! Working my way up!

Young men really like me here... Maybe it’s the darkness in these clubs that hides the wrinkles.

Oh, and the whole town is still a big construction site. Gotta come back every few years just to see the changes.

As soon as they have finished one business building or mosque, they start a new hotel, church etc.

And if there’s nothing else to do, get yourself a new nose! I have read an article about how the female Lebanese is going to dissapear... And really, I have never seen so many nose jobs - good and bad. And a set of silicone boobs here and there....