Istanbul - Last full day *sob*

Yesterday I spent the evening with Natalie from Germany. I showed her my favourite restaurant on Istiklal Caddesı and we went to do some shopping (shops are open until late at night there).
I finally got my Tarkan CD!

The funny thing is that she totally agrees with me on the relaxing effect of Istanbul. It’s kind of crazy because it’s such a big city and there’s constant movement and so many people walking around like busy ants.

But maybe it’s because I am just such a city girl. If I am in an idyllic little village out in the country, it totally creeps me out.

Today we do a whole shopping tour (well, right now we have an Internet-break).

I will definitely have to buy a new suitcase - there just is NO way I can fit all my stuff into my luggage. After all I also have my 3 pairs of Tango shoes waiting for me! I will wear one of them tonight... :-)

Tomorrow I have only half a day left then I have to go back home....