Relax - you’re in Istanbul!

I don’t know what it is about Istanbul - but this place just makes me so relaxed! I could feel it the moment I got out of the airport - nah, let’s say when I arrived at the hotel :-) 
Because at 7 AM in the morning there isn’t much traffic here and the taxi driver was going on full speed!

My hotel room will only be ready by noon. So besides that I hardly got any sleep last night because the flight was at 4:10, I hade some time to kill.

I’m all clean and oily because my first thing was to go to the hamam... 

No, first I went into a small restaurant near there that sells about 10 different kinds of soups. The guests there apparently like soup for their breakfast.

My next goal is a krokanlı ekler (croquant éclair) at Öszüt. Oh, I will MISS this place!!! Nobody does calories the way they do!

And tonight I’ll meet up with a dancer from Germany to compare shopping notes :-)

Tomorrow is my last full day. Get the tango shoes, buy some tribal jewellery in the basar.

By the way, even though I still think that Beirut is great, I must say that in direct competition, Istanbul wins.
Partly because it actually has real public transport and generally, the places I want to go to are easier to reach, even by foot. 
And it makes me feel relaxed. 
And it has many hamams and Özsüt-cafes...