Home, sweet... Zurich!

Aaaaah, it’s sure good to be back!

After a 8,5 hours flight back home (during which I slept more than I ever did on a plane) I called my driver, pardon my boyfriend (too many taxis...) to pick me up and drive me home with my heavy luggage. Might I mention that I had 10 kg excess weight again...!

Then I started washing - for hours!!! All those new Indian textiles need to be washed seperated by colors or they will all end up one color!

I don’t even want to think of the moment when I have to start ironing everything....

At the same time I loaded my new CDs on my iTunes and then sorted out all my DVD orders. So you see, I have been one busy women ever since I got home!

But then I looked outside and noticed that my dear Zurich was presenting itself in perfect postcard weather. So I put on my sneakers and went on a 1 hour walk along the lakeside where I watched Indian tourists taking pictures just as I had a day before in their home country. Funny thing, how small the world can be!

There were thousands of other people walking and sitting in the sun. It’s actually quite warm for late October. Not that I would complain!

Anyway it was nice to be able to walk more than 2 minutes without sweating like an animal.

Now as you can see, I am back in front of the computer, working some more.