I am crazy....


We FINALLY finished the Bollywood DVD!!! 3 weeks late. Only :-)

It was about time! And the whole last week while working on it, my boyfriend and I kept saying: “Next time we’ll do it that way, next time we’ll do this differently....”

So after cursing that damn project and telling everybody how much post-production sucks... I just started working on the next one!

Yeah, one of the costumes for the performance section has been finished yesterday (gooooorgeous, heavy, wide, embroidered skirt!)

Today I took notes while on the bus to work and back... and now I just cut the music into the 10 chapters that will make the choreography.

The choreo is one that I made nearly a year ago and have taught in 2 workshops (which is important preparation, because this way I know what the difficult movements will be that I have to explain more).

And now I am starting with the texts.
Because I have nothing else to do with my life or what?
Maybe producing DVDs can become an obsession?
Or I still hope I can get rich by selling DVDs?

But the real reason is my vanity.... I want to do these DVDs while I still look kind of young and cute... There, I said it!
So no delay, the next DVD is on it’s way!

And this is the trailer for Volume 1: