Mumbai - Getting around some more

I actually found out that my new hotel is located quite well, more or less in the middle of places I want to go. Even though the view from my room is not exactly spectacular...

 Yesterday I met up with Mitesh who I met on and he showed me around Bandra, the “happening” part of Bombay that is growing very fast now.

We walked around Land’s End where all the young couples go for a not-so-private tête-à-tête.

We also went to the very busy market where Mitesh helped me to bargain the price of a dress down from 1400 to 650 Rupees... Which only shows that bargaining is well worth it.
Yes, and only much later I realized that I had a stain on the lens of my camera, so there will be more blurry pictures...

Then I went up to Andheri to collect the rest of my ordered CDs. There also was a hairdresser in the same mall, so I got my hair washed. And I noticed that wherever there is a ladie’s hairdresser you can be sure to find a women who is just getting her hair straightened....

In the evening I thought it would be time for another film. By now I have accepted the fact that whatever I want to do will require a lot of driving around in heavy traffic. So I didn’t complain that it took about 50 minutes to the cinema - I was just glad that I got there right before the film started!

It was “Pyaar ke side effects” (The side effects of love), a really good romantic comedy that wasn’t even very typical Bollywood. Anyway, it was funny and worth the trip.

Today I got up at 6 AM. Yes! Because I decided to take the train down to Colaba where I will pick up something that I ordered from a tailor last week.

Usually the trains are very crowded, but when you catch one just after 7 AM, it’s actually quite OK and takes half the time of a car ride! Not to mention that it’s much cheaper...

I then took a pleasant walk from Churchgate along the parks (where a lot of Cricket playing was going on) down to the Taj Mahal hotel.
A little church stop

At the Taj Mahal hotel I headed for the breakfast buffet and forced myself to eat a lot of fatty stuff because I have to gain back the weight I have lost through the last week from all the activities!
Unfortunately I seem to lose it in the wrong places - so I want some shape back.

Then I took a nap in the garden by the swimming pool. It’s Residents Only, but they just make you sign your name on a list - which probably only gets checked in the evening... Not only did I get my chair in the shadow easily, I was even given a towel!

Now I am off for some more walking and hope to catch the train back early enough before everybody else wants to go back to the suburbs...