Mumbai - More films! Give me more films!

Haven’t I been busy since my last blog entry!

The things I was supposed to pick up from the tailor were only half finished. So I had a choice to wait until after 6 PM or come the next day.

And I decided it would be much less of a hassle to stay - after all there is enough to do in Colaba. And no, not only shopping! :-)

I went to the Prince of Wales Museum (that has a new Indian name which nobody can remember). It was quite interesting, they give out a good audio guide. And there's a very nice collection of miniature paintings.

After that I walked around, got more food in the famous Leopold’s Cafe (a place where every tourist has to go at least once!) and went down to Colaba market where I found a little store that sells nice clothes that offer traditional Indian techniques with a modern twist. Got 3 skirts :-)

The good thing about this being the Diwali seasons is that sales are on everywhere!

When I went back to the tailor, my stuff still wasn’t there. And they would not deliver it to the hotel (understandable, it’s practically in another country.... damn big, this Mumbai is!).

So I sat there, got the latest gossip out of Filmfare magazine... And when the clothes finally arrived it was after 6 PM. The worst time for a train ride!

What better than to watch another film? I reached the Liberty theater just in time and hardly had the opportunity to admire its superb art deco interior.

The film was Khosla ka Ghosla - not your usual Bollywood style film (despite some big stars in it) but a film about real, normal people. It seems that the need for 5 dance numbers in each movie is really vanishing... All of the films I have seen here had little or no dance scenes.
I enjoyed them anyway.

Walking to the train station, I passed some little shops.

On my ride home I found out about the difference between 1st and 2nd class on the local trains. In first class compartments there is more space... Besides this, it’s the same old, run-down interior.

Today I slept..... Then I had to leave my hotel room because suddenly they wanted me to check out. Hello? I booked until Saturday!
All worked out well in the end and I went on the road again.

Back to Andheri and Planet M to get more CDs and pick up the altered Salwar Kameez.

Then I wanted to watch the film “Dor”. But my driver brought me to the wrong cinema - there are several Cinemax multiplexes in town.

Well then, I hopped on a riksha and went to the next Cinemax at Infinity Mall. Where a sign said “All current shows are cancelled”.

Fortunately there is another cinema just 3 minutes away - and I was clever enough to keep the newspaper clipping that listed all films and times.

So I finally got to see Dor at 6 PM (and yes, I walked around the mall before that to see if there was anything I hadn’t bought yet. Found something...)

Dor is a really nice, poetic film, though a bit heavy on dialogue which is difficult without subtitles.

OK, the guy at the Cybercafe wants to close down.
See you later!