Mumbai - More shopping? For sure!

I quit the lazy life and got back to business!

Today I went to a Planet M shop - the Indian version of Virgin Megastore. And I not only bought dozens of CDs and some DVDs but also ordered about 70 more. 
Most of this is for selling to my dance students at workshops or with my new instructional DVD.

I think I will send them home buy mail - that might still be cheaper than paying for the extra weight at the airport...

Afterwards I got myself some more salwar kameez. It’s what I wear here whenever I can.
I used to be a sari girl, but actually haven’t worn a sari yet although I brought some with me. Will have to do that later on!

I am back to hotel hopping - can’t stay at the luxury places for ever. I already noticed how spoiled I got in a few days when I arrived at the place where I am staying at now.

I had to take whatever hotel was available - the concierge at the other one had to call around for ages before he got one that had a free room in a good price range. And the traffic on the way here was typically Bombay rush hour.

Driving around here is hell!

So I have to find out where I am exactly. I actually felt a little lost at first. But they have great Indian food in the hotel restaurant and I just found out that there’s actually also a nightclub that’s even mentioned in my guide book. I might go an shake a leg later.