Mumbai - Pastries are for girls!

Yesterday I went shopping for salwar kameez. Those are the pants and long shirts with a shawl.
After I had been offered a tailor-made salwar kameez made of silk that cost the price of a small house, I decided to go and get some “normal” onces.

And hey, suddenly they cost 1000 rupees, not 10’000...
Well, one is a designer model and a bit more expensive, but it looks smashing with all of its hand embroidery.

After that I walked down Colaba Causeway (the shopping street) and found what I had been really looking for: A pastry shop!
And while I sat there, eating my chocolate cake, I had a look around... and noticed that there were only female guests!
In a culture where you see more men than women almost everywhere, a pastry shop seems to be THE girl’s place :-)

Later in the evening I decided that it was time for a taste of Bombay’s famous nightlife.
Since my hotel is right behind the Taj Mahal hotel, this is where I went.

Of course I was hopelessly early at 10 PM... So I went over to the swimming pool area. Yes, there were signs saying “Residents only”. So what. I could see my hotel over the wall, that practically made me a resident.

And if you keep your chin up and wear the right shoes, they will believe you that you belong there.
So I sat there, relaxing - and after some time a group of Israeli business men asked me to join them at their table (that’s how I got my drink paid, hahaaaa!). They were diamond dealers - no wonder they could afford to stay at the Taj Mahal for a week!

They told me I HAD to come to Tel Aviv and see the nightlife there because it’s the best in the world!
OK, I’ll add it to the list...

By midnight, the Insomnia (the club at the Taj Mahal) had a reasonable amount of guests and after some un-original house music, the DJ finally got out his remixes of Bollywood songs. That’s when the party really started.

Unfortunately he ran out of CDs after an hour and went back to some techno stuff. How can people dance to this boring boom-boom-nz-nz sound???

Well, it was my sign to go home..