Mumbai - Rubbing shoulders with the Bollywood stars

Just as I was on the way to the bus to Bandra on Colaba Causeway, a woman stopped me and asked me if I wanted to be in a Bollywood Party?
Well, I hade heard about this thing that the Indians like to have Westerners as decorative elements at their functions, so I said sure.

I got my hair washed, packed my make-up and went to the meeting point from which we were taken waaaay up north to a luxury hotel on Juhu Beach.
We arrived much to early since actually the party was only supposed to start at 9 PM.
It turned out that it was kind of a promotional event for TAG Heuer. They have a special edition of their watches that goes with the new DON movie (for non-Bollywooders: Think about James Bond showing off his special watch).

And most of the stars of the movie were going to be there.

So the made us girls wear slutty short skirts and backless glitter tops while the guys got suits.
 More Swiss people!
They made this poor Russian girl sit there like a cake all night long, some kind of living decoration.

Some just had to “walk around” but another Swiss girl and I got to stand at the entrance and make the more famous of the people sign on a big board.
Stuff like “Great watch!” or “Good luck!” or “Love always, Priyanka Chopra” and “All the best, Arjun Rampal”.
And who was the lucky girl to give the pen to those two big shots? Little old me!

So I can tell you that Priyanka in real live is just as gorgeous as in the films and Arjun is really THAT hot!

Only Sharukh Khan came in from the back entrance... But I got to sneak in and stand near the stage, so hey, I was only 2 meters away from him.

I took a lot of pictures of course - gotta have a proof!

While I still don’t get what’s so great about SRK, I can say that he certainly is a phenomenon. People flow naturally to where ever in the room he is.

Well, his most important moments were on the stage where he and the other stars of the film put on TAG Heuer watches and posed for pictures.
And he even threw in a little dancing to the song Khaike Paan - as seen here.
Actually, they played music from the DON soundtrack during half of the evening, good luck I already bought the CD because it’s really cool.
I nearly continued to sing “Yeh mera dil” in my sleep!
Oh, and I got paid 500 rupees :-)))

They drove us home late at night and it took forever until I finally got into bed...

Today I’m not really sure what to do. Might hit a museum.
I used to say that in India, you never know what’s going to happen in the next 30 minutes. Make that 5 minutes!