Mumbai - Time for the beach and party life

OK, so you will not REALLy want to go to the beach in Mumbai. Because most Indian beaches are dirty. And so is the water.

But I liked the hotel in which the celebrity event was held and it has a very nice pool, so I thought I should pamper myself a bit and get some nights at a luxury hotel.

I also had met some people at the Bollywood party and this lead to other parties.

Yesterday we hung around night spots in Bandra and Juhu Beach (where I am staying now).
Most clubs have to close at 1 AM - new law after some problems with attacks, I think.

But nightclubs in posh hotels can stay open until 3 AM. So we travelled around a bit.

The first was called “Fashion TV party”. Well, there were some cameras around but I didn’t really see much fashion, exept some men and women who looked like models. I think I even chatted up one of the better know male models? Well, he was cute and I got another picture for my collection.

Another Russian girl - they seem to be quite the fasion around here!
That's her Indian boyfriend - a big shot owner of a security company, so we got easily into every club where his people worked at the doors :-)

The thing that always amazes me: When it’s time for the guests to leave, the waiters run around with paper cups. So if you have half of your drink left, you will pour it into that paper cup and take it with you. Kind of like a doggie bag for drinks!

Well then, guys, the sun is shining (as every day) and there is a lot to see outside....
Talk to you later!