Simple things make you happy

I finally get some Oriental dance gigs again. I was getting worried that I will soon not know anymore how to dance like that - after doing Bollywood dance almost exclusively lately.

Last night I had a gig in one of Zurich’s most famous gay clubs, the T&M. They had an “Oriental Night” and therefore offered their guests a real woman for a change :-) (The place is popular for its transvestite shows).

Well, there’s some good news: I still can bellydance :-) And even well. Although space was rather limited, especially on the stage (those transvestites don’t dance, they just stand around and sing - so they don’t need much space). But there were tons of Turks, Egyptians etc. in the house and they all sang along to “Eshta ya Amar”, shouted “Mashalla!” and “Hopa!”. I even got tipped!

Afterwards I decided to stay and shake a leg, since I haven’t been to an Oriental Night for ages. That was fun. And when they played some of those Turkish songs where everybody takes their neighbour’s little fingers and does the line dance, I joined of course - and that’s when I felt a real wave of happiness. Doing Turkish line dance in a gay club was simply bliss!

I have danced in Turkish restaurants for so long, it felt like coming home.

Afterwards I got to flirt a little with some of the cute young guys, relaxed in the knowledge that I won’t have to think about getting rid of them in the end of the evening... Interestingly there were a lot of young women around. Seems like everybody had taken his best female friend along?

Then an Iranian guy said to me: “You danced really well, can you also dance to Bollywood music?” Of course I can! Ha!
So, the DJ played “Dola Re Dola” - and I got to do this number in a short skirt and boots with an Iranian as my Aishwariya *LOL*

Now I have to get ready for my next gig. A posh company event at NOON! Yes, I didn’t even have the time to sleep in...