Some talk about the weather, shoes, clothes... and vacations

After a lousy August and a lovely, nearly summerly September... “here comes the rain again”.

Do I really have to go outside? Bah.... My only consolation are my chic new rain boots.

By the way, have you ever tried finding a raincoat that is not black or beige? Yeah, the alternatives are: brown and *gasp* dark blue!
Whatever happened to COLORS? Isn’t it grey, brown and dark enough when it rains? Do we have to DRESS that way as well?
I am not even asking for pink, red would be fine. Or a nice green... whatever.

But maybe I fill find something nice when I go shopping next week in....Mumbai!

Yes my dears, yours truly will be flying eastwards next Monday to see the Gateway of India, some nice museums, cinemas and SHOPS!

I will try and not pack too much stuff to leave enough space for clothes, CDs, DVDs....

But before that I have to finish the work on my bloody Bollywood Dance-DVD! At least my boyfriend was finally inspired for the cover design, so basically all that’s missing are some graphics and menus. I will be soooooo glad when that is done!

OK, I guess there’s no way avoiding the rain unless I want to sleep at the office? Not really...

Bye for now - and watch out for my travel blog next week!