Finland - An "interesting" experience

Hey folks, I’m back from Pori. Yes, that’s a small town in Finland with an airport the size of a better bus station :-)

And believe me, I have seen LOADS of airports in the last few days...

To get there at a reasonable time I couldn’t take a direct flight to Helsinki but was forced to change planes. 3 times. Zürich-Munich-Helsinki-Pori.

The best flight was the first from Zurich to Munich. It’s a short one and they don’t fly too high, so you can see all the tiny houses and every tree!

Add a sunny morning and a seat by the window (although as always I was sitting close to the wing...). I stayed glued to the window during the entire flight because the view was just spectacular. I could make out the town where I grew up with its old center... Lake Constance with thiny ferry boats on it... a castle in Germany... and many more things. So this was really worth it.

Fortunately there wasn’t a lot of waiting time between flights, so I soon was on my way to Helsinki and from there to Pori where shortly after landing, I taught my first workshop of that weekend.

All in all, I taught 15,5 hours, and I can tell you, I FEEL it today! All Indian themed topics, from Bollywood dance to Bhangra to Indo-Arabic.
(Sorry, these are the only pictures I have…)

The workshops were sponsored by Hannele. A woman who is courageous (or in her own words: crazy) enough to invite people from far, far away to the Egyptian-style centered dance scene of Finland.
Or wait. Did you say Egyptian style???

She took me to a hafla (student show in a restaurant) on Saturday evening, where I saw just about everything except Egyptian style. Shakira rules! I swear, I haven’t seen so much - er - “interesting” dancing since Rakkasah! Those two middle aged women in black miniskirts who did a dance to “Hardrock Halleluja” really took the cake! I laughed so hard, I cryed....

But they also supported their teenage dancers, and of course it was really advertised as a student show, so you have to give them credit for that.

Fortunately there is a private sauna in Hannele’s parent’s house where I was staying. I needed that on Sunday night!!!

Today I saw 4 more airports (this time flying over Frankfurt - HUGE airport!) and then needed 2 hours to work through my e-mails. Yes, I have been off-line for 3 full days! How did I survive! ;-)

OK, I think I need some sleep now...