Inspiration through education

So I signed up for this educational program “training for trainers” that goes over half a year, one Friday + Saturday every month.

Today was my first day and I can already tell that it was SO worth it!
There were so many good ideas!

We are doing a lot of group work which really gets the ideas flowing. For example each group had to present a tool and how to use it (flip chart, pin wall, beamer...) and I was in the CD player group (obviously....).

While working out when one can use a CD player for teaching and what you have to think about I put together a long list of good advice that I will take myself :-)

And there were other good techniques that I will be using from now on. I’m already looking forward to the rest of the program!

To you dance teachers reading this: I can only recommend this. We not only need to know how to dance but also how to teach our students the best possible way. And no matter how long you’ve been teaching, there are always new ways and ideas to add to what you are already doing!