The yearly ZeoT stage show

Tonight we had our yearly studio show. Which is held in a theater with some of the studio’s teachers as solo/duo dancers and some group numbers done by the advanced classes.

I was packing this morning.... and couldn’t find my Melaya dress!!!! I had everything else: Melaya, shoes, head scarf. But not the costume.

I haven’t worn it for a long time (I think since the last time I did a Melaya number in Oslo 1,5 years ago) and I can’t for the life of me remember where I have hidden it!
I called a few other dancers and asked my fellow teachers in the afternoon - nobody had a Melaya dress! Fortunately I have a Summer dress with big flower prints and some ruffles that can pass as a costume, so that’s what I wore.

BUT we were doing a duo, and my dance partner had bought a costume that looked just like mine. Hahaha.... So now we had to dance the number with mis-matched costumes.

Well, I decided that the world would not end because of it and that I’d just compensate it with my charms :-)

But my dear people, listen to my advice (which I should take myself!!!) : Always practice in your costumes at least 1 week before the show. That way you will know that you HAVE the costume!

The rest of the evening went very smoothly. Even my double veil number that I had been struggling with by Sunday. Those veils actually did what I wanted them to!

And I did my old comedy number which is always appreciated.

So I think I’ll just go and take off my make-up and to to SLEEP!

Here are videos of my performances: