Dance goals for 2007

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I am a big one for “goals” - my main goal being “I want to get rich and famous” :-)

Over the years I have found out that it’s easier to get famous in the dance scene than rich... But fame helps, because once you are a known dancer, you are more likely to be invited to teach workshops - where you can earn money... It’s hard work, but at least it pays off, and as a bonus you get to travel around and see places you would never go to normally.

Which leads me to my dance goals!

One goal I had for a few years now: “I want to perform in a big show in Paris”.
Well, I ended up in Hollywood instead *LOL*

BUT! 2007 will see me teaching in Paris TWICE! So that’s not too bad either!

Since I do various dance styles, let me sort them by style:

Raqs Sharqi/Oriental dance

I would like my concept of “how to analyze step combinations” to get more exposure (maybe I will find a more catchy title). It’s a system of spelling out dance steps in Oriental dance (but basically it applies to all dances) to make it easier to learn them and create new ones.

I’ll teach part 1 (of 4 that I have planned) in January. Finally - because when we offered the topic in 2006 we had to cancel the workshop here in Zurich due to lack of interest. Which is a pity because I feel that it would help a lot of people of all levels (it surely helped ME!).

I would like to teach/perform more Raqs Sharqi again. Right now it’s mostly Bollywood dancing that people want from me.

I want to take lessons with ASENA when I go to Istanbul in May. Pleeeeeeze!
I want to bellydance around the Hawai’ian islands in September. Well, the flights are almost booked ;-)

Bharata Natyam

Now this is a big one! I want to do my Salangi Puja in June/July. It’s the moment when my teacher will officially give the ankle bells to me and therefore a step towards being a “grown up” dancer. (The ultimate goal being Arangetram).

It means a LOT of training during the next months - not only to get all the choreographies right but also to work on technique a lot.

Bollywood Dance

I want to finally do a Helen number!!!! (or two) How could I leave aside the ultimate Bollywood dance goddess for so long??? Not only does she rock, she has GREAT music! See me on stage doing “Piya Tu Ab To Aaja” in the December 2007 ZeoT studio show!

I want to produce vol. 2 of my instructional DVDs. I have the choreo, the costumes and most of the notes. Now all we need is to shoot the material and then go through the dreadful process of post-production again. *blech* It just feels so good to have your own product in your hands, so that’s what motivates me to do it again.


I just want to be a decent social dancer. No other ambitions here.
I want two new pairs of HIGH heel Tango shoes! If I am not a fabulous dancer, at least I want nice shoes *LOL* 

Hmmmm... sounds like quite some work, doesn’t it? Well then, let’s do it! 
2007, here I come!