I bought a painting from Sotheby's tonight

Yeah folks... Once you’re done with buying costumes, you need to find other ways to spend you money :-)
I’m a member of a women’s association, and yesterday we went to visit Sotheby’s. The (female) director showed us around the collection of Swiss art that was due to be sold tonight.

She also told us about the way an auction works etc. It was really interesting.

After we had walked around the whole exhibition and seen some paintings that were expected to cost several millions (especially the ones by Ferdinand Hodler, one of the most famous Swiss painters) I went into a smaller room where “works on paper” were exhibited.

And there I saw THE PAINTING (well, actually it’s an aquarell). And I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I returned there at least 4 times....

There are different kinds of paintings. Some look good from far but not that much from close. This one is a picture that you have to see from up close to study all the details. Which is better when you don’t have SUCH a big flat *LOL* The style reminds me a bit of Japanese woodblock prints, which I love.

So, tonight I bid on the painting (by phone because I had my tango lesson...). It was only a question of about a minute - and it was mine!

Now I only have to go and get it... I already know where I will hang it.
So now you all have to come and visit me to see it :-)

By the way, the artist is Emil Häfelin, the picture is called Rheinsberg (Grosser Regen)