Let's talk about the weather...

So far, “Winter” was not how you would have described the last two months. It was more as if Fall had moved directly into early Spring.

Well, I’m not complaining - but apparently this is going to change. Take a look at the weather forecast of last night!

For American readers: The temperatures in Fahrenheit would be
55.4 - 39.2 - 33.8 - 19.4 - 21.2
It’s as if we’re taking a flight to another country!

And actually, it was even 1 or 2 degrees warmer yesterday. My boyfriend and I went to an aqua-fun-park (or whatever that’s called in English)
Going down the waterslides half of the afternoon.

My boyfriend also wanted to teach me how to crawl - but I found out that I have to learn first to let the air out through my nose under water! So I practiced that a little.

He also took his brand new water-proof digital camera along that I had given him for Christmas. He got some cool underwater pictures of me that I later edited:

Today, I guess I should go and get the winter boots out of the cellar...