Me on TV!

Well, actually it should be US on TV.

A friend of mine was asked if she would like to be in the quiz show “5gegen5” - 5 against 5.
It’s a very popular early evening show of about 25 minutes where two teams of 5 people play against each other.

The questions to anser go like “We asked 100 Swiss people what their favourite color is” and then you have to guess which one was mentioned most. In the first round there are 5 possibilities (which give more or less points), then 4, then 3.

So, they are doing a “dance special” week where teams from different dance styles play against each other. They all get to present their dance in about 15 seconds as well - so I did an ultra-short dance to Tamra Henna.

There were dance styles from tap dance to ballet, capoeira, walz and electric boogie. And they wanted an oriental dance team. That was us!

My friend briefed them very well and insisted that we would be called “oriental dancers” not “belly dancers”. This was done and the presenter treated us with just as much respect as the other teams - in fact, I think we were the TV crew’s favourite team with our colorful, glittery costumes :-)

Did we win? I can’t tell you right now. The show is broadcasted in the week of the 26th February.
But we definitely looked good - and I got to dance 15 seconds to Tamra Henna to represent our dance!