Bonjour Paris!

Hey, I just spent 3 days in Paris!
I was working while my boyfriend went shopping...
That’s a modern relationship for you!

In short:
I had my share of public transport!

We went to Paris by train (about 7 hours) which my darling used to watch films and series on his iPod, whith the help of a visor thing that makes you look like Jordi LaForge from Star Trek...

Then I spent at least as many hours on the Metro, going from one end of Paris to the other - literally!

Dolsy, the friend I was staying with lives behind La Défense and the dance studio is close to La Villette...

Her neighborhood is rather new. You see a lot of different architecture, from ambitious to "interesting".
And the view from my room? A cemetery!

I ate good food!
From Lebanese to South Indian to prawns... And of course croissants in the morning! The French restaurants did their best to impress me :-)
Dolsy and me
Standing in line for a table - this must be a good place!
Yes, people were sitting outside in FEBRUARY! It was rather warm for the season.

Nah, didn’t have the time. Except for 5 new Bollywood films. Yeah, that’s what I went to Paris for...

Yes, THAT’s what I went to Paris for. Not only did I teach two choreography workshop on the weekend but also a load of private lessons. (all this to keep me from shopping)

Surprising new insights

I have the peach. 
Really! My students told me so:
“Vous avez la pêche!” It means kind of “you have a lot of energy. (seems like I have found back my usual form, thank goodness!)
At first I didn’t even know what they mean, I just assumed it was a compliment and said “merci” :-)

The area of La Défense is an electro-magnetical tunnel. 
When we decided we were too tired for the Metro on Saturday night and took a taxi instead, the driver’s GPS went fine, until we reached the Défense (if you’ve never seen it, it’s this: - a gigantic business area). 
There it was so confused by all the electro-smog coming from thousands of offices around it, that it just went on strike...

I have to go back (ok, that is not a surprise!)
Really! And next time I want to SEE something more than metro / tram / bus stations, dance studios and Courbevoie (the living area just right behind the Défense).
Fortunately I already know that I will go back in April :-)
So look out, Parisians, here I come again!