Just a few thoughts about age

When I was 20, I thought that I had to party real hard because at 30 I would be old and boring and not go to the discos anymore.

I turned 30 and still went out to dance every week (well, by then I had my Salsa phase).
But I thought I should better wear my mini skirts then, because I would not do it anymore at 40.

No it’s only 2 weeks until my 38th birthday. I STILL go out whenever my hectic schedule allows it. And my legs still look really good in short skirts.

Don’t think it will change much in the next 2 years...

There are “Over 30” parties everywhere now for people like me.

And I am beginning to suspect that in 25 years I will be going to an “Over 60” party where we will all hop around like crazy and sing “Staying Alive”! :-)))