Shoes! Handbags! SHOES!


If I still needed something to lift my spirits, I found it. And in the usual place - a shoe shop! :-)))

I have very few brand fetishes. I find Gucci and Prada overrated and Louis Vuitton bags are just ugly.
But since about 20 years I have been a faithful Bally customer.
I have over a dozen Bally shoes and several handbags.

Today I took the Spring-like weather as an occasion to leave early from work and walk through my favourite city. (which happens to be Zurich, how practical!)

I passed by the Bally store... looked into the window... saw that the new collection had arrived... turned around, went into the shop....
And went ooooooh, aaaaah!
In 5 minutes I had mentally bought 10 pairs of shoes and 3 handbags!
Well, I left with only one pair. Good girl :-) And happy girl!

LOOK! (the website only shows a part of the collection)

They've got shoes with VICHY-patterns! They certainly know that I buy EVERYTHING with a Vichy pattern....

Good luck I have a bunch of private students right now to pay for my shoe addiction!

Oh, and my birthday is coming soon ;-)
If you want to make me even more happy, get the shoes in the picture in size 37,5 for me....