Wooohooo, I'm so famous now!

Nearly everybody I meet tells me: “I saw you on TV!”

Because they saw me in THIS show.

I didn’t know that this quiz show was THAT popular!
And the second thing they tell me is: “COFFEE is what you drink for breakfast!”

One question in the final round was: “A breakfast beverage?” and I said “Milk.”
Hey, this also gave some points, just not as many as coffee. (Sorry, I don't drink coffee...)

And after all, we won this evening! Now there are other teams competing and the two teams with the most points will be in the final show on Friday.
And just to let you know what other questions/answers there were...
“We asked 100 Swiss people for...”
An actor who also sings?
Me: Keanu Reeves (OK, that’s a very special answer)
100 Swiss: David Hasselhoff (whaaaat????)

A rock band that is/was famous for spectacular shows?
Me: Kiss
100 Swiss: The Rolling Stones

A word containing “takt” (rhythm)
Me: taktlos
100 Swiss: Taktgefühl

So I don’t think like the majority?
Wait! There was a question in an earlier round:
“If somebody pushes you at the disco, what do you do?”
Me: Push back
100 Swiss: Push back
Ah, we are all such lovely people :-)

But the worst by far was:
“A dance that you can do alone?”
Our team said: tap dance, jazz dance...
Those were right, but what we did not mention was...
Oriental dance!
Ah, now go and hit your head against a wall for hours :-)

Anyway, it was fun. And here’s the promised clip!

(Although I hate the way my hair looked...)

Oh, and the presenter called our team “charming” at least 3 times :-)