Driving over the mountains

I drove to Milano yesterday to take the Tribal:Pura workshop with Caroleena Nericcio and Megha Gavin (more on that later).

For this I had to literally drive through all of Switzerland. And it just made me realize again how BEAUTIFUL this country is!

On the way south, there are the Alps in the way. Most people take the St. Gotthard tunnel. This is why there was a 7 km long traffic jam in front of the tunnel entrance. (Monday will be a public holiday in Switzerland and Germany so everybody was driving south)
But hey, there’s still the road OVER the mountain!

Man, that was fun! Since I have a small car, I get around curves easily, so it’s a pleasure to drive mountain roads. And the landscape is quite spectacular too.

When you get further up, there’s a possibility to choose between the new road and the ancient one. This is the one I took. And when I say ancient, I mean cobble stones and really tight curves!

What a blast! I was driving with a fat grin on my face. And I was glad to be alone becaus I am sure anybody else in the car would have gotten very sick....

Another good thing was that on the way I only encountered 2 other cars (ahead of me). But they were big family cars, much slower then me. And clever enough to let me pass...

Unfortunately, once I got down and close to the boarder, I got into the traffic jam in front of the boarder. Grrrr.....

So instead of 4 hours like planned, it took me 6 hours to arrive in Milano! Just 30 minutes before the workshop started.

Anyway, it was worth it!