Istanbul - this time with my boyfriend!

Well, here I am back in my dear Istanbul. Again fıghtıng wıth a foreıgn keyboardçğşİ....

This is the first time I am taking my boyfriend along and so I don’t spend too much time in front of the computer writing about it even though there is a free connection at the hotel.

At first, Olivier didn't really want to come along. Based on the fact that so far I had always gone to Istanbul with my dance friends, he had decided that it was a place "for the girls". Only the promise of a lot of "old stones" and the use of the name ancient "Konstantinopel" finally convinced him.

To start the cultural experience I booked a room at the Grand Hotel de Londres with its old world charm.

Walking down the red carpet

I know how to handle my bodyfriend - so the first thing I did after we arrived was to take Oli to eat cakes - which were really good. From then on he liked the city! It always helps to know your loved one's preferences.

We are taking it all at a rather lazy pace, sleeping a lot (especially because HE needs it) and eating tons of sweets. Not more than 2 historical sights a day.
 The old train station - such a lovely building from inside and outside.

 Walking up to tourist central - Sultanahmet
 The mighty Hagia Sofia

So many lovely details

It's REALLY big as you can tell by this hallway alone.

 Always feed your man!
 Blue mosque

A little bit of Egypt in Istanbul

Of course we went shopping as well! Although when we walked the street on the pictures below we were only looking. They sold mostly tools and household stuff. But it's always interesting to see what is for sale and how it is presented.

In the old tradition, there is a street dedicated to every trade. Welcome to tool road.

From there we walked over the bridge to the Egyptian bazaar and its backstreets with all the glitter shops.
Heaven for costume makers

Heaven for dancers who buy ready made costumes!
We also made the round to my usual places: shoe and costume shops! I ordered two more pairs of tango shoes... Unfortunately they won’t be ready before I leave, so Necmi Usta will mail them to me.

Against my plans I bought a dance costume at Sim Moda Evi - in white, the only color I still needed.
As I never leave a costume the way it is, I started to make some adjustments and add more glitter stones I bought here. Not sitting in the hotel room of course but on the roof terrace with a great view!
I taught my boyfriend how to say flower in Turkish: çiçek - because he already bought 3 shirts with flowers on them. He just can’t wait to go back to Honolulu…

On the second part of the trip we met up with friends from Sweden.