Suffer for beauty

I’ve had a tattoo on my neck for about 15 years. Meanwhile it kind of faded and the black lines bleeded out.
What to do? Clearly: get a new tattoo!
That’s what I did last night. This is the place I went to:

She’s kind of a specialist for covering old tats. I have a new, larger flower over the old one now. Can’t show you a picture right now because it’s practically impossible to photograph my own neck!
But my boyfriend Olivier came over for some moral support and he says it’s clearly a “significant upgrade” to the old one. :-)

It only hurt a lot on top of the neck, close to the hair - other then that it went not too bad. And after the first round she put on some spray that makes the top of your skin go numb so I felt nothing at all. Which I was kind of thankful for! After all, it took over 2 hours...

Now I wait for the skin to heal...

Took this picture a little later: