Let's have a ball!

Wow, we made it to the Tango ball! Look, aren’t we stylish??? 
Yeah, that’s my DBF with his surfer tan :-) Wearing a suit that he can finally fit into again after all his dieting...

There were loads of people so it was a bit difficult to dance but they had a great orchestra to compensate.

Today I finally took my nordic walking poles out again. Have been rather lazy recently - I guess I needed a break after my Salangai Puja. But now I have to start moving again.

Although at the same time I have started to crochet zill mufflers... Will be teaching a series of cymbal workshops soon so I have to show my dear students what they can do to practice at home and still stay friends with their neighbours. 
I havent’s crocheted in years, had to check the Internet first for some tricks :-) And now that I have gotten back at it, I just can’t stop making zill mufflers for every size of zill that I own! Nice balcony work....

Anyway, what I REALLY must do now is finish my next instructional DVD! No more procastinating, the bloody thing has to go OUT!

Yesterday I finally fixed all the mistakes I did during the shooting... And today I start recording the first langugage, which is Swiss German :-) The speakers for the other languages will have to come here soon.

Well, that’s about what I am up to right now...