Sun, fun and nothing to do....

No, I’m not on holiday yet - but soon...

We spent the weekend in Montreux, on the little island that belongs to my boyfriend’s family.

Had a big party on Saturday evening, they even roasted an entire little pig in the garden (much to the distress of my vegetarian friend Lavanya).

 While some people preferred to chill out on the terrace

  Getting ready for the evening

Sunset beauty
 The feast - with friends and family

 And there was dancing! Lavanya performed a Bollywood dance on the terrace.

 With a little help from Raoul...
And tango in the moonlight 

On Sunday, we basically did nothing but hang around the terrace (see my entry from May 23 for a picture) in the sun, look at lake Geneva, have breakfast 3 times and go for a swim.

 Water pistol fight!

 Unfortunately you never notice that you have had enough sun until too late! My belly is RED today... 

And all I wanted is to get a little tan so that I wouldn’t be to white when I go to Hawai’i (next week!!! yeah!!!!)