Theme Park "Zürich"

Really! There are soooo many tourists in Zurich right now that sometimes you would think that the entire city center plus lakeside is one big theme park. Only that the buildings are actually made of real stones and yes, some ARE 700 years old.

I might have mentionned that I have taken up Nordic walking, and sometimes I walk down to the lake and along the shore for a bit where I pass the quai where all the boat tours start. 
Yesterday there were so many people lining up to board one of the boats, it looked as if there was free food on board :-)

And today I took the tram back from work through the world famous Bahnhofstrasse - every 5 meters there was a group from a different part of the world standing around a guide, sitting on a bench, looking into watch shops, walking around...

But hey, I’ll get my revenge in 3 weeks when I walk wide-eyed around that theme park called “Waikiki” :-)