Vienna workshops and stuff

I went to Vienna! It’s such a nice place, I always like it there (3rd time). If you are interested in architecture, you MUST go there! So many nice buildings in all kind of styles.

OK, so I didn’t go there to look at houses (it just happens automatically) but to teach workshops. And of this I did a lot! Especially since a dancer in Mank (about 1,25 hours from Vienna) asked me if I could come out and teach some more in her little town.

6 hours on Saturday, 5 hours in Vienna on Sunday, than get a ride to Mank, 3 more hours of teaching, plus 2 hours on Monday morning. And I taught about everything I have in my repertoire, Tribal Style, Bollywood, Raqs Sharqi, Indo-Arabic fusion, Lebanese...

Apart from the workshops, I felt like spending the weekend in a “Better Homes and Gardens” magazine. Both of my hosts live in relatively new houses with nice gardens. 

Eva in Vienna is lucky enough to have a house all to herself (plus the maid) with a little dance studio in the basement. Every room is decorated with care (and there are about 5 or 6 bedrooms alone). What you see in the picture is only the guest room...

And the grass in her garden is soft like a big silk carpet, unbelievable!

The house in Mank was VERY new (not even 100% finished) and with such a wonderful, big bathroom....
After seeing so many nice gardens, I got home and went straight to my balcony to rearrange the setup of my flower pots :-)

Unfortunately I can’t really enjoy the balcony right now because monsoon season has kicked in and it’s raining endlessly... (to an extend that in many towns in Switzerland, cellars have been flooded etc. so it’s really serious).