Go packing for Hawai'i!

It's past 11 PM and I should be packing. There's my big suitcase on the floor, all open, empty and ready. 
I am still kind of waiting for an inspiration. 
Since I plan to go S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G in Honolulu and San Diego, I don't want to take too much stuff with me.... 
So basically I should pack stuf for 1 week while I am going on a 3 weeks vacation. 

I normally limit myself by only packing one color plus some white and black stuff. Makes it easier not to feel like I need a pair of shoes in 7 colors. :-) 

But well... I am kind of tired of red. Although it's one of my most frequently used colors for travelling. But I don't want to wear the same clothes on all of my holiday pictures over 3 years! *LOL* Same goes for pink. 

So what. Green? No. Not flexible enough. 

I think I'll start with the black/white stuff. 

But hey, I am going to HAWAI'I!!! Who'd want to wear all black and white on Waikiki beach??? 


The things I got from Feel Better Than Good (a Swiss designer) are made for travelling, very comfortable and easy to wash. Plus they were expensive, so I better use them! OK. Will wear some of it for the flight toworrow. 

Then let's add some flowers! The dresses I bought in Paris that are made of Thai material have loads of flowers on them (see me wearing one of them in my photo gallery). Now that covers evening wear. 

All I really need now are some capri pants, T-shirts and bikinis. And then I'll go shopping crazy at Armani Exchange!!! *drooool* 
Why there are no AX shops in Europe is really beyond me - I LOVE AX! And so does my boyfriend. So we are sure to spend some time together in there. 

Anyway, I'm not in a hurry to pack because I want to sleep very little tonight. Our flight to Los Angeles will take off tomorrow around 1 PM and take 12 hours and I want to be able to sleep!!! 

So I will tidy up my flat, do some last updates on my website, visit BHUZ.com every half an hour :-) 

Watch this space for updates from us on paradise island! The pictures shows us there 2 years ago...