Honolulu - Lucky after all

I never bring my costumes in my luggage when travelling to the USA because one of my Swiss dancer friends told me her horror story about being searched for 3 hours in Boston airport... And since then I am paranoid about being found out.

But apparently, sending them via economy mail was not a good idea. But! Today the costumes arrived!!! I am very relieved. 
One of them is a SIM from Istanbul that I haven’t even performed in yet!

And the other bra/belt set looks fantastic with the new skirt that I had gotten 2 days ago from LRose (I recommend www.lrosedesigns.com/ in case you don’t know them yet!).
So I guess we’ll just take those costumes out on a beach and take some pretty pictures. And I will perform in them in San Diego.

Other than that, I made it my mission today to stay out of the sun and give my poor skin some rest. 

I finished the thriller I was reading and went to the Honolulu arts museum with Willow.

For dinner we went to a restaurant that displayed the menu the Japanese way: with replications of the food in plastic (or whatever the material is they use).
 And we went to an 80's party to dance!