Honolulu - More sunburns...

I thought that yesterday the time was right to go surfing with a short-arm shirt. Ha! 
Now my arms are red... And amazingly also the back of my legs! Maybe because we went out so late, it was already noon when we finally arrived at the beach.

But there were still waves. Now, my definition of a good wave is one that doesn’t require a lot of paddeling. I am just lazy like that. 
So yesterday I met the perfect wave :-) I was SITTING on my board when suddenly a wave came up from behind, took me along and I only had to lay down, stand up and there I was!

Then last night we met up with some friends from Zurich. They are on a looooong trip around the world (mostly Asia, Pacific region) and are now arrived here. 

So we went to have a drink with them.

Olivier is going to the beach with them today, but I have to keep out of the sun. So I am catching up with my e-mails and writing this blog...