Honolulu - Surfiiiiiing!

Yeah, yesterday the waves were plenty and I got my share!

Not surprisingly we did some more shopping on the way home... We really need to take the bus so we can’t stop in ever shop on the way!

From Beach...

...to Kalakaua Avenue it's just a few meters.

But there is more to see - you basically can't escape the Hula - they have free shows in many malls and in front of shops.

There is more than just one beach :-) 

At night I performed at a restaurant with some other dancers, including Aisha from Athens! Although the box with my costumes is still missing. So I had to dance in one of Willows glittery evening gowns....

Today I taught two workshops. Not many people, but I definitely had to take a day away from the beach anyway because of the slight sunburns I have on different parts of my body. Staying inside is going to do me good.

And now... Willow and I will go -guess what? - shopping!

You might think that’s crazy, but there are so many cool shops here. Also because there are so many Japanese tourists ready to spend money.

And contrary to many tourist places, the shopping here is really good. Not just crappy, cheap stuff. I mean, where else will you find Louis Vuitton, Prada and Dior just a 2 minutes walk from the beach? Not that I go to those shops - their air conditioning is too cold! ;-)