In Hawai'i - Finally!

And you probably can imagine than I have better things to do than writing here. But to recap:

LAX is the worst airport in the world, I swear! They are so badly organized and understaffed that we missed the flight to Honolulu (again!). 
There wasn't another one that evening, so we had to get a room at a cheap hotel and stay the night. Fortunately the people from Hawaiian Airlines were kind enough to take us with them the next day with no extra charge.

After we arrived we did some SERIOUS shopping. And some more! Just as planned :-)

Today: beach. Few waves. But Olivier was out there for nearly 5 hours! I on the other hand didn’t have the nerves for sitting out on the board so that maybe every 15 minutes a wave would come my way...

Instead I bought a book and tried to stay in the shadow. 

On the walk back home (we are staying with my friend Willow) some more shopping was done by Monsieur. Yes, he shops much harder than I do!!! 
Plus I had run out of cash. 

More shopping to come tomorrow - and hopefully more waves!