Is the way really the goal?

Yesterday I spent the whole day travelling...

The plane left in Honolulu around 8 AM. Thanks to the time difference, we landed in LA in the afternoon. 
There we both got our luggage - and Olivier moved over to the next check in counter to fly home....

I on the other hand took the free shuttle bus to Union station. Which is actually one of the nicest places I’ve seen in Los Angeles. It’s an Art Deco building, really beautiful. 

I had 2 more hours to kill until the train left for San Diego, so I went to the restaurant called Traxx. 
Their table decoration was like a last greeting from Hawai'i :-)

I ate one of the most delicious chickens I have tasted in my entire life! So you could say that Union station really was the highlight of my day.

Finally, at 8 PM I caught the train which takes 2,5 hours to San Diego. After about an hour, there weren’t that many people left and most of them were asleep.

I had watched a documentary about “Queen” on my iPod, and so to follow this up I listened to the Greatest Hits of Queen and had my own private party, hopping around in my seat, playing the air guitar and doing some “air singing”

Finally I arrived in San Diego and was greeted by David and Patrisha who took me to their home where I will be staying for a few days.

Today we already went to Fashion Valley shopping mall where I did my last essential shopping (a new iPod and a long session at Victoria’s Secret).

Tomorrow, we’re going for a quick visit to Mexico!