Oahu North Shore - Nearly getting lost on a golf course….

The Turtle Beach has not only one but two golf courses. Golf is really big here! And I took the opportunity to take my early morning walks on them. 
My routine was: Get up after 6 AM, eat a banana, get dressed and go walking on the golf courses for about an hour. 
Although on Sunday I wanted to walk the entire Palmer course. Bad idea. It’s HUGE! 

I certainly have a new appreciation of golf courses! They are really nice and it must cost a fortune to maintain them. And now I know why those people don’t walk but drive when they go golfing. I thought they were just lazy, but if they walked, they’d never get home…

 Tree growing AROUND a palm tree!

By the 15th tee I had a blister and continued walking barefoot... after the 16th tee one of the workers drove up in a cart and I begged him to take me back (by then I had been walking 1,5 hours).

He took me to the beach by the hotel where I went to have breakfast at the beach restaurant - nearly crashing when I realized that they had a buffet and I had to WALK to get my food!

 Watching the surfers

 In the later afternoon we had a little photo shoot on the beach.

 As you can see, the wind was very strong!
My star photographer
 And me - in a bikini but still wearing the bling :-)
 Watching the golfers

 Evening view on the hotel

 It wouldn't be a trip to Hawai'i without a rainbow!