Oahu North shore - seeing the island from the other side...

The island of Oahu has more to offer than Honolulu of course. So we rented a car and drove up to the North shore. The landscape on the way there sure looked different, even the trees changed!

 The street leading to the hotel
 Sunset viewed from the hotel window
 And the view on the next morning
 Beaches to both sides!

The Turtle Bay Resort is basically the only “real” hotel on the North Shore of Oahu. It’s really nice and there’s surfing right besides the hotel. Actually, you can sit on a bench and watch the surfers.

But I was kind of scared by the irregular waves plus there are rocks, so I gave up after an hour. Olivier of course had to be dragged out by his dreadlocks ;-)

 Around the hotel

 Even the fire fighters have surf boards here!
We also drove around a bit checking out the famous surf spots. But the waves only get big in Winter. On notorious Waimea Bay, the water was FLAT. Not so much as a ripple in sight.

So we also hung around Haleiwa which is probably the regional center there but still quite small. Actually, as soon as you drive out of Honolulu, it’s like you are very much out in the country - like on a different island.

 And we went to a museum! 
The first ever snowboard…. was actually an old surf board that they took up on a volcano!